10 Best Ideas of Pre Baby Shoot at Home

10 Best Ideas of Pre Baby Shoot at Home

10 Best Ideas for a Pre-baby Shoot at Home

ideas of pre baby shoot

The first pre-baby shoot is very special with your baby.

There are many ideas of pre baby shoot at home. Photo shoots with babies are fun. Babies grow fast and as much as you’d want to esteem her tiny hands and feet, they’re going to get bigger every week!

You can remember how tiny and cute they were if you have a pre-baby shoot at home. Even when your kid is all grown up and is off to college, your spouse and you can enjoy doting over their attractive pictures.

Getting ideas pre-baby shoot can be as challenging as snapping a kid, if not more. Newborns have their minds, and sometimes their moods can get in the way of your work. But if you know how to get around it, you’ll be capable to ace newborn photography.

You are going to want to capture those tiny fingers, round cheeks, and precious newborn faces forever, but through professional photo shoots. Even if the shoot does not go as planned, your little one looks as precious as ever.

With social media platforms being at the disposal of nearly everyone today, parents wish to make the pre-baby shoot special by creating a studio-like feel.

Here are a few easy ideas for pre-baby that you can find for your baby bear.

ideas for pre baby shoot

Twinning with the Parents

How cute would it look when Daddy, Mummy, and the little one all dressed up the same? Select a location of your choice to get matching dresses. You will love these photos forever.

Cake Smash & Get Messy

Let your baby enjoy the cake. Let them get messy. Isn’t that how a birthday should be?
Click pictures of their genuine moments and adore them.

Toys and Balloon

Your baby loves toys and all the colorful balloons. Prepare a play area. Click pictures of your happy baby playing with toys and let the natural playfulness reflect in the images.

Family Love

Gather the family in a scenic background. Let the cousins and siblings play with your baby. Keep your baby in focus and click pictures with all the love from their family being showered on them.

Dress Up for Pre-baby shoot

Time to step in their parent’s shoes? Click your girl’s pictures dressed as a lady in her mom’s heels or your boy wearing a tux, all set to face the world with pleasure.

Partied out

There is nothing more attractive than a baby partied out of the picture. Let your future older baby know what a party animal they were. Click them and keep those pictures and treasure them.

ideas for pre baby shoot

Sporty Family

Is your family into fitness and sports?
Let that reflect in your pre-baby shoot by getting them a jersey of your favorite team.

Go Wild

Your cutie will look even cuter in an animal outfit. Will, you ever be able to take your eyes off the cuteness overload in the animal get up.? Click them all happy and playful in their animal costume.

Here are some more easy and fantastic ideas for a pre-baby shoot that you can try at home:

1. The basket photo

Take a suitable basket that can easily maintain your baby. Put on pillows and soft blankets so that the little one feels relaxed. Let him sleep and gently place him bare-bodied inside the basket, with the legs tucked inside and hands resting under the chin.

This will create a beautiful image and is not very difficult to plan. You can take the photo from the top angle.

ideas for pre baby shoot

2. The daddy’s belly

This will make a lovely image and is not very hard to plan. The mother can take the photo from the top angle, while the newborn is lying down on the father’s stomach or chest.

3. The sunshine or clouds photo

These kinds of pictures have become especially popular among parents as they are comfortable executing at home.
All you need are plain colorful bed sheets, cardboard sheets, and a few other craft items. Use the yellow cardboard in the shape of the sun.

Set your child on a bed covered with a blue bed sheet and place the cardboard sun on one side of the baby. Shoot your child from the top angle. Go creative with cotton wool for clouds, cardboard rain droplets, and the moon or stars.

ideas for pre baby shoot

4. The Princess

All you have to do is dress up your little bundle of joy in a frilly dress with decorations, place a shiny crown-like hairband on her head and position her on a high-backed sofa. You can even make her sit on the floor.

5. The balloon photo

Set your child in a playing mood and make them lie on the bed or sit on the floor. Now, attach some series to a colorful set of balloons and let your baby hold the ends of the strings.

Take natural shots of your baby holding, looking at, and playing with the colorful balloons.

6. The Santa Claus photo

This is a popular shoot for babies born around Christmas time. Place a soft Santa hat on your little one’s head and dress him in a simple red T-shirt. Make him lie on his stomach and look at you when you capture the photo.

ideas for pre baby shoot

7. The favorite soft toy

Most babies have a favorite toy to which they have attached a soft penguin, a dinosaur, or a teddy bear. Make the playtime for your child and ask them to pose with a treasured soft toy.

8. The Krishna costume

This shoot is popular during Krishna Jayanti festivals and you can easily pull it off at home. Attach a peacock feather to your child’s hair, make him carry a flute, use a stole to dress him in a dhoti put some shiny ornaments and the costume is complete.

9. The Superman/Superwoman

As far as home photo shoot goes, a superhero shoot is famous among parents and kids alike. You can make your whole costume with a red cape. Allow your little one to stand by looking side with hands on their hips, then take the photo from their level.

ideas for pre baby shoot

10. Flowers and patterns

Dress your newborn in light-colored rompers and place her on her back, on the bed. Try to cover the bed with a white sheet. Take a set of flowers like roses, lilies, or zinnias and spread them around your baby.

You can also make a heart or circular pattern with the blushes.

11. The candid mother-child photo

The father can collect some beautiful direct shots of the mother and baby while both are playing on the bed, talking, reading, and just having fun. It will be natural when both are together.

12. The mirror

Set a standing mirror on the floor and make your child stand or sit facing the mirror. Ensure there is no mess around and you get a clean background.

Now you can capture natural photos of your child’s expressions in front of the mirror.

ideas for pre baby shoot

Tips to take wonderful pictures of your baby

• Ensure your baby is in a good mindset or mood before taking a picture.
• Make sure your baby is well-fed, burped, and well-rested before starting to take pictures.
• Schedule the shoot according to the baby’s feeding and sleeping timetables.
• Select a ground that is clean, with a plain background, and doesn’t have too many components such as decorations, curios, furniture, and toys.
• Try to use natural light while taking pictures at home, preferably in the early morning or evening would be better.
• Use soothing and delicate colors in the background, on the bed, and on upholstery.
• If possible avoid usage of flash while taking baby photos. It can divert the child and hurt their eyes.
• Pick interesting and fun costumes for your baby. When dressing up your newborn, use soft, comfortable clothing in gentle colors.
• Use properties such as baskets, rugs, flowers, blankets, soft toys, pretty pillows, woolen throws, and similar items to make the composition more beautiful.
• Try with accessories like sunglasses, caps, bows, ties, and baby shoes.
• Take more close-up shots. You can frame some amazing prints by focusing on the baby’s face.
• Familiarize yourself with different photography tools and filters to improve the photos, once the shoot is done.


Taking your baby’s photos can be a lovely and fun experience, as they help you make lovely memories. Mentioned are a few ideas for a pre-baby shoot, we hope this will provide you with a productive pre-baby shoot session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do a maternity photo shoot at home?
You can take your maternity photos and make they look like you paid a lot of money for them.

How do you prepare newborn pictures?

  1. Schedule your session ahead of time.
  2. Keep your baby awake before the session.
  3. Feed your Baby 20-30 minutes before your session.
  4. Sit back and watch.

What should you wear for newborn pictures?

  • Wear white/cream,
  • Black, neutrals, or pastels.
  • White is timeless and complements the newness and innocence of the baby.

What is the best time of day to take newborn photos?
As a general rule, the best time for this age is usually earlier in the morning to mid-morning,

What is the best age for newborn photos?
The absolute best age for a newborn photo shoot, for this
newborn photographer at least is between 7 and 10 days old.

What are some photoshoot themes?

  • Sunset photography.
  • Waterfall photography.
  • Food photography.
  • Vintage photography.
  • Travel photography.

How can I calm my baby down during a photo shoot?
1. Make sure the baby is physically happy.
2. Make sure your studio is warm.
3. Play white noise.
4. Wrap!

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