10 easy hacks to get a good shape post delivery

10 easy hacks to get a good shape post delivery

10 easy hacks to get a good shape post delivery 

Giving birth is the start of a new chapter in your life, a new routine, a new you, and a beautiful new baby. It is also a period of “expansion,” both socially and physically. The worry of getting back in shape is one that many mothers experience. It can seem challenging, but with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible. Today, women have succeeded in making all things thought to be impossible.  

Do not forget to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program or workout plan. Ask your doctor if you have any medical issues or if you have had a C-section. Then proceed. 

 After taking care of the baby, the second most important priority is getting back in shape post delivery. All the weight and flab that you gained during pregnancy suddenly seems to drag you down, and you want to get back in shape as soon as possible. This is feasible, but you must keep in mind that reducing weight is a process that takes time, so you must be patient and determined in your efforts.  

Hacks to get good shape post delivery 


After the birth of your child, you will have a lot to take care of, but mothers should engage in some type of physical activity. Exercise is beneficial for mothers in all forms. Concentrate on exercises that both relax you and help you burn calories. Postpartum exercise helps women strengthen their core muscles, which benefits recovery and weight loss. Before beginning any type of exercise, consult with your doctor first, is an hack to get good shape post delivery.

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The World Health Organization advises exclusively breastfeeding a baby for the first six months of its life and continuing to do so until the baby is two years old. Both the mother and the child benefit from breastfeeding. For lactating mothers, breastfeeding burns an additional 300 calories each day. During pregnancy, a woman accumulates excess fat so that her body can use it as additional energy during nursing. In addition to decreasing weight, exclusive breastfeeding assists moms in contracting the uterus and regaining healthy body form, is an hack to get good shape post delivery. 

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Drinking enough water is essential for everyone’s health and fitness. Mothers who breastfeed their new-born after giving birth must drink enough water to restore the fluids lost while doing so. Healthy metabolism and weight loss are benefits of drinking adequate water, is an hack to get good shape post delivery. 

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 The focus should be on increasing protein intake in postpartum moms’ diets. Every meal should contain proteins to boost metabolism, heal from labour stress, improve hunger, and maintain calorie intake. Their regular diet can include milk, paneer, soybeans, curd, whole pulses, almonds, and eggs, is an hack to get good shape post delivery.

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Refined sugars and carbohydrates are heavy in calories and provide little to no nutrients. Avoid iced beverages, sherbets, artificial juices, cakes, pastries, jams, jellies, and sweet spreads. Also, stay away from table sugar. These foods increase the caloric content of the meals while preventing the mothers from losing additional weight, is an hack to get good shape post delivery. 


Every mother can keep track of the calories they need when it comes to nutrition. Neither too few nor too many calories should be consumed. Her metabolism may suffer if she consumes too few calories. Additionally, she should not eat for two. 

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Mothers should consume regular diets. They will be able to reach their goal with the help of portion control. Instead of eating two or three large meals per day, individuals can divide their meals into 6-7 small pieces. They will be able to eat more healthful food as a result and will not have to suffer from prolonged hunger, is an hack to get good shape post delivery. 


Fibre-rich foods help to keep you full and add bulk to your diet. After delivery, weight loss is aided by both soluble and insoluble fibre. By increasing the number of fruits, vegetables, whole pulses, and whole grains consumed throughout the day, fibre can be added to each meal, is an hack to get good shape post delivery.

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 You are eating habits can have a significant effect. Always surround yourself with healthy options. You may be wondering, “How will I know if the snack is healthy?” Choose fresh foods such as fruits, vegetable sticks, nuts, curd, coconut, and so on. Please check the nutritional label on packaged food before deciding if it is truly healthy or not if it has the word “healthy” on it, is an hack to get good shape post delivery. 


Setting an appropriate and useful aim is crucial. In the first week after giving birth, moms lose the weight of the baby they have delivered, as well as placental and water weight. After this, weight loss slows as the body takes its time to burn off the excess fat and go back to its pre-pregnancy weight. Mothers should take their time and let their bodies shed weight, without rushing, is an hack to get good shape post delivery.  

Reduce Belly Fat 

One of the greatest emotions in the world is being a mother. Majority of women begin to worry about their belly fat after a few months, though. Moms everywhere wonder the same thing: “Will I always have tummy fat? 

Do not worry if this question is on your mind as well. You will be alright! You may use the below tips to maintain both physical and mental health. 

A new mother’s stomach may rarely shrink back to normal after birth. Not all women experience it the same way, though. Many women struggle with weight loss and getting back into shape may take them a long time. 

Consume nutritious foods. Eat as healthily as you can because doing so will benefit both your health and the health of your infant baby. 

Take a 30-45-minute walk. Regular walking will maintain your body and mind free of all pain and soreness. Take your baby on a walk to make it more interesting. 

Try some yoga if you do not enjoy working out in the gym. Yoga is essential for overall health. Yoga can help you manage your stress and performing “Surya namaskar” every day will help you lose belly fat and regulate your hormones. It is possible to reduce abdominal fat, belly fat and restore the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size by using belly wraps or maternity belts. 

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Remember that exercise should make you feel better, not worse. Stop immediately if you feel uneasy at any stage. Never push yourself too hard and go at your own pace when exercising. Before you feel exhausted, stop exercising.  

Always keep in mind that your safety and health come first, no matter how you choose to lose weight. As your infant is entirely dependent on you, do not move too quickly. Before beginning any exercise program, always consult with your doctor. 

FAQ s 

1.How soon after giving birth can I resume my exercise routine? 

If your delivery went smoothly through vaginal delivery, you could begin light exercise almost immediately after giving birth (think breath work, walking, strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles). To proceed with anything more intense, you should wait 6 to 8 weeks, get your 6-week postpartum check, and get your doctor’s approval. 

2.Can I work out while breastfeeding? 

You can. You can exercise without worrying about anything if you are receiving enough food and drink (around 3 L). Exercise that personally makes you uncomfortable or painful may be best avoided. 

If you are still concerned about how exercising will affect your milk, you can exercise after pumping, nursing, or feeding. before a workout. 

3.What kind of exercise are safe to begin after giving birth? 

Start by practicing deep breathing, walking, strengthening your core (no sit-ups or planks!), and pelvic floor exercises. 

There will be no return to training unless diaphragm breathing is restored and integrated into every movement. 

If performed correctly, breathing activities, such as heel slides, leg extensions, and toe taps, are all advised as core exercises. 

4.Are there any workouts I should avoid at first? 

Running, jumping, skipping, using trampolines, or riding a horse should all be avoided until you are certain that your pelvic floor and core muscles are strong enough. 

Avoid pushing and pulling large goods as well as lifting big objects. These workouts cause an uncomfortable sense of putting pressure and severe intra-abdominal pressure. Right after birth, the pelvic floor and core muscles are not prepared to handle this. 

5.Which muscles should I begin exercising first? 

Some of the muscles you will need to develop first will support your new motherly activities, such as carrying and feeding your child, and help you restore your postpartum posture. These include the multifidus (muscles down the spine), transversus abdominis (lower region of the belly), glutes (all three equally significant), rear deltoids (back of the shoulder), rhomboids, and trapezius (think upper back, space between shoulder blades). 

6.When and how frequently should I begin performing pelvic floor exercises? 

You can perform the so-called Kegels after giving delivery because you might assume that your pelvic floor is already weak. After an uncomplicated vaginal birth, you might be able to start within a few days; nevertheless, you should make sure you are ready and that it will not make the pain worse. Wait until the doctor gives you the all-clear if you underwent a c-section or experienced problems during labour. 

7.Is it typical to have urine leaks while exercising after pregnancy? 

No, and yes. Incontinence after giving birth or having problems keeping a full bladder might be natural, but only temporarily. Particularly vaginal muscles are strained and injured immediately following childbirth. Coughing, sneezing, or having a full bladder might cause minor leakage or a loss of control. However, that should disappear a few weeks after giving birth and performing pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises. If it has been a few months or years and you are still having trouble controlling your bladder, you should see a specialist. 

8.I want to shed my postpartum weight. How soon can I complete this? 

 ”It depends.” Any time of healing and recovery is not the time to trim calories or dietary types. Breastfeeding mothers need an additional 500 kcal per day, according to data from the CDC. You still need protein, good fats, carbohydrates, and all the micronutrients to heal even if you are not. Additionally, lack of sleep is a major adversary of fat reduction, and keep in mind that you are taking care of a Newborn who will not sleep through the night! 

 9.When will my pre-baby stomach return? 

The response is “likely never.” However, the truth is that you may still have a beautiful flat six-pack stomach if you work hard for it; it will simply not look precisely the same as it did before having a baby. Just remember that a six-pack does not necessarily indicate a healthy or stronger core. 

10.Can exercising help my back pain? 

There are several probable causes of back discomfort. If it is not caused by an injury or a degenerative spine condition. Pain is usually caused by postural changes during pregnancy and carrying the infant after birth when the core is not strong enough. Being active and properly exercising your core muscles can help to solve this problem. 

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