5 Best Apps for Tracking Pregnancy

5 Best Apps for Tracking Pregnancy

5 Best Apps for Tracking Pregnancy 

When you are expecting a new child, nine months might feel like a very long time. But don’t worry; there are many best apps to track and monitor your baby’s progress (as well as the changes you experience with your own body), giving you a greater sense of intimacy and connection with the child that is developing inside of you. This article will provide you with the 5 best apps for tracking pregnancy. 

Here are the 5 best apps you can use if you are expecting. 

1. Pregnancy + 

The Pregnancy Plus app is excellent for monitoring your pregnancy’s development over time and during each trimester. When registering for the app, it is great if you already know your due date or a rough estimate of it because that will help the program track your pregnancy more precisely. 

The app also includes a calendar with daily pointers, advice, and information on pretty much all aspects of pregnancy. You may learn about the changes that will occur in your body throughout each trimester and the most crucial things to do or avoid by reading up on them. 

Additionally, you can record appointments, other vital information like your weight, and a birth plan for the inevitable day of labor. Even guides are available to help you on your journey. 

2. GLOW 

The GLOW app combines a wide range of functions that will make pregnancy much more convenient for you. GLOW enables you to keep track of your pregnancy day by day, just like some of the other applications featured below. However, it also has a section called “Scoop of the Day” where you can read all about your specific pregnancy stage. 

Additionally, the app has a pregnant community where both mothers and women who are expecting can interact. You can share your experiences, solicit or offer advice, and learn more about the struggles that other mothers face. Your community settings can be customized to display content from particular categories, such as mom groups, physical fitness, entertainment, and mental health.  

Making your baby registry is one of the app’s finest features. You can add items from other websites, such as Amazon, Phillips, Dove, and others. If you already have a registry somewhere else, you can transfer it over to the GLOW app. 

You can pay a few dollars per month to upgrade to the app’s premium edition to gain access to more features and more individualized settings. As an alternative, you can shell out about $40 for a lifetime subscription to the app. 

3. YogiBirth 

The YogiBirth app is specifically designed to help pregnant women practice yoga. You can enroll in a huge variety of classes there for no cost. Balance yoga, intuition yoga, tiredness yoga, and other styles are available. Even classes exist to help you bond with your child. Even yoga sessions and advice for the days, weeks, and months following childbirth are available. 

In addition to yoga, the app provides a variety of meditation programs, such as those that support bee breath, alternative nostril breath, and parent-child connection. Even better, you can enroll in a class that will help you remember your birth affirmations. You can also enroll in a class that teaches you how to visualize giving birth, which might help to reduce your anxiety about doing so. 

Last but not least, the app provides a variety of instructive films that address various aspects of pregnancy. You can discover more about your pelvic floor, altering hormones, coffee use during pregnancy, and other topics. Additionally, there is a program that teaches you effective body positions for giving birth, which could speed up the labor process. 

4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker 

Like many of the other applications listed here, Ovia enables you to track your pregnancy and keeps track of how far along you are as well as which trimester you are in. This software, however, is more concerned with your health as a pregnant woman. 

The app offers a particular condition function that enables you to record any unique medical issues you may have. It also contains a weight tracker, a prenatal vitamin reminder, and other features that can help you keep track of your health and any physical changes that may occur throughout your pregnancy. 

The app also enables you to study up on a variety of pregnancy-related issues, such as foods that are crucial for you and activities you may engage in to still have fun while pregnant, like mixing mocktails. Additionally, it enables you to learn more about your child at the precise point in your pregnancy that you may be. 

The app also features a health function that provides advice regarding pregnancy and female health based on your responses to a series of detailed questions. Of course, the app gives you the option to skip questions if you don’t feel comfortable answering them. 

The app also features a function where you may chat with other mothers and expectant mums. You can inquire about pregnancies and learn about other women’s experiences by asking or responding to inquiries. 

5. Pregnancy Week by Week 

As the weeks and months of your pregnancy pass, Pregnancy Week by Week enables you to discover everything about your body and your unborn child. The app will provide you with comparable examples each week to show you how your uterus and baby are developing. Daily updates on your pregnancy will be sent to you, each of which will provide brief information about your unborn child. 

Even if you are just a few weeks pregnant, the app will also tell you roughly how big your baby is. It will alert you to significant events, such as when you enter each trimester and when your unborn child transforms from an embryo to a fetus. 

In addition to tracking, the app has some useful features including a Braxton Hicks contraction tracker and a tracker for your body weight throughout pregnancy. 

These are the 5 Best apps for tracking pregnancy. 

Take Some of the Stress Out of Your Pregnancy with These best Apps tracking pregnancy 

Although there is nothing that can make pregnancy stress-free, these best apps help in tracking and can help you stay on top of everything by recording and keeping an eye on your own experience. Who knows, using these apps might even teach you something new about what it’s like to be expecting a child! 


What is a pregnancy app? 

Although there are many different kinds of applications that can be categorized as pregnancy apps, this list concentrates on best apps for tracking pregnancy made to assist you in keeping track of the growth of your unborn child during pregnancy. Other sorts of pregnancy apps could assist you in finding exercises, keeping track of your pregnancy, or finding pregnancy support. 

What features should I look for in a pregnancy app? 

To support you in having a healthy pregnancy, common features of best apps for tracking pregnancy include a unique timeline based on your due date, educational articles, pictures of your baby’s anatomical development, checklists, reminders, discounts, and coupons. 

What are the best apps for tracking pregnancy overall? 

The best apps for tracking pregnancy overall are the ones you find the most useful, informative, and engaging. While some apps are more geared toward medical advice with realistic imaging, others rely on lighter cartoons and product comparisons to inform you about your pregnancy. 

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