5 best benefits of walking during pregnancy

5 best benefits of walking during pregnancy

5 benefits of walking during pregnancy 

Walking during pregnancy is important for your health, but did you know there is no better time to get its full benefits than during pregnancy? There are several ways that it keeps you strong and healthy. It is the best technique to ensure that you are getting the right amount of exercise during the pregnancy phase. Walking during pregnancy is a risk-free exercise . However, be careful not to overdo it and see your doctor before beginning it in case you experience any issues. 

If you were already habituated to walking frequently before becoming pregnant, keep doing it. However, it is recommended to start by walking for 15 to 30 minutes three days a week if you have only recently started to walk. The duration can then be extended to 60 minutes for the majority of the weekdays. Till the third trimester and even after giving birth, you can continue walking. You can go on as long as you’re comfortable. 

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Walking during pregnancy has many positive health effects, some of which are listed below: 

Benefits of Walking during pregnancy 

Lowers the risk of Pre-Eclampsia 

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy condition that is characterized by high blood pressure and an abundance of protein in the urine. Regular walking during pregnancy lowers cholesterol and helps you to maintain a healthy weight and is a pregnancy risk-free exercise, which in turn balances blood pressure levels. As a result, your risks of going into labour too soon due to pre-eclampsia are reduced. 

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Increases the likelihood of a normal delivery 

You stay fit and physically active through walking. It is a full-body workout that also strengthens your heart. Walking during pregnancy helps you become more flexible and tone your hip muscles. This means You have a good possibility of experiencing a pain-free, simpler, and quicker delivery. If you genuinely want a natural delivery, the ideal time to go for a walk is in the early morning which is a risk-free exercise. Being in good condition keeps you well-prepared for delivery, after all. 

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Reduction in the Risk of Gestational Diabetes 

A lot of pregnant women face the risk of having high blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy, which is bad. You face the chance of developing type 2 diabetes after giving birth if your blood sugar levels are high while you are pregnant. In addition, it raises the possibility of preterm labour and an obese baby. Walking during pregnancy is a risk-free exercise that reduces your risk of getting gestational diabetes while also assisting in maintaining a healthy weight. 

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Reduces Pain and Discomfort 

Pregnancy has a specific range of aches and pains, from shoulder pain to lower back pain. When you don’t keep yourself active, you are at a point in your life when you are more prone to different pains and discomforts. You can get relief from this continuous discomfort and pain by exercising, such as walking during pregnancy which is a pregnancy risk-free exercise. Walking while stretching your legs is a fantastic technique to ease the pain. 

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Stress reliever 

For a variety of reasons, most pregnant women experience extreme stress. It could be due to hormonal changes. It is common for pregnant women to experience mood changes ranging from sadness and anxiety to happiness. Walking during pregnancy is a form of exercise that promotes endorphin release and also a pregnancy risk-free exercise. Endorphins are chemicals that help you feel good. It relieves tension and improves your mood when you’re feeling bad, to put it briefly. 

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What Advantages Do Pregnant Women Get from Walking? 

Walking is safe for pregnant women and is regarded as the pregnancy risk-free exercise during pregnancy. 

Physical fitness:

Walking helps you stay active and tone your muscles. 

Pain and Discomfort:

Regular walks help to relieve leg aches and stiffness brought on by a developing belly. 

Weight Gain:

Although weight gain at this stage is normal, daily walks help to keep it within a healthy range. 

Gestational Diabetes:

Women are more likely to have type-2 diabetes during pregnancy, although walking lowers the risk by helping to regulate blood sugar levels. 

Blood Pressure:

Walking helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels, which in turn helps to regulate blood pressure. 

Pregnancy-Related Issues:

During pregnancy, issues including morning sickness, cramping, and constipation are frequently experienced. All these conditions have been found to get better psychologically when you walk. 


Walking tones the hip muscles, which makes labour more comfortable. 


A change of environment, such as going for a walk outside, tends to improve mood and relieve stress. You can socialize and meet new people by joining a walking group. 


Throughout a woman’s whole pregnancy, regular activity is crucial. Pregnant women should make it a habit of walking every day. A pregnant woman will frequently have a better pregnancy and delivery when she stays physically active. Additionally, her postpartum period will be better. 



1.Why Should Pregnant Women Walk? 

It’s crucial to keep moving while adjusting to all the changes your body is undergoing during pregnancy. One of the best methods for doing this is walking which is risk-free exercise. For pregnant women, it is thought to be the finest cardiovascular exercise. Daily walking keeps the body in shape without the need for expensive equipment, set hours, or special training. 

2.When Should You Begin Walking? 

From the first day of pregnancy, you can begin walking. Walking is an activity that is safe to do throughout pregnancy and poses nearly no health hazards. Certain advice and safety measures need to be remembered throughout each trimester. Before beginning any workout program, it’s vital to talk to your doctor and get his opinion. 

3.How Much Time Should You Walk? 

This is dependent on your prenatal workout regimen and the trimester you are in. A 45–60minute walk five days a week for the first two trimesters, and a 30-minute walk for the third is sufficient throughout pregnancy. It’s not just about staying active; it’s also about how comfortable you are. 

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