7 best ways of making kids learn reading books

7 best ways of making kids learn reading books

7 best ways of making kids learn reading books 

The best way of making kids learn reading books is reading together at home from an early age. By reading together often, your child can learn the joy of reading and develop a desire to read. 

 But every student learns and processes information differently. This means that some children are naturally fond of reading, while others are not. If your child falls into her second category, don’t worry.  

As parents, there are various strategies you can use to encourage your child to read. First, it is important to find out why your child is not enjoying reading. 

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Tips for making kids learn reading books

 Read to your children.  

Start when your child is a toddler and read to them until they are old enough to read. Most of school teaching experience has been teaching 4th grade. Each year there were a few students who had reading difficulties at that age, but most had achieved some degree of independence by their senior year. I can’t count the number of times parents have asked me if it’s appropriate to read to my child at home. My answer: It’s not only good, but it’s also one of the most meaningful things you can do.  

 There is joy and fun in books when reading becomes a shared experience. The simple act of reading can build the memory as well as thought. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books.

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Engage your Child. 

 Bring books to life by engaging your child in an experience centred around the book they are reading. Think of this as a full immersion reading.  

 Has your child finished reading a non-fiction book about the solar system? Head to the local planetarium. Have you read the Little House on the Prairie book series? Make homemade candles and butter. Cooking, traveling, and making books that children read can help make reading fun for children. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books. 

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 Yes, there are quality apps that make reading for children fun. When kids want to use their devices, I’m very picky about how they spend their time. Preference is given to educational apps/programs. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books. 

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 Demonstrate the book you read. 

 Show your children how beautiful books can be. Parents’ attitudes towards reading strongly influence their children’s interests. Have the children watch you read. And I’m not just talking about reading for work. Show them that you read for fun. Going back to the first tip, choose a book to read together. It’s not just a cliché. Parents set really a good example. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books. 

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 Stimulate your child’s interest in reading by letting them choose a book. Introduce them to books that match their interests and uphold their family values, but let them have the final say. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books.  

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Create your surroundings comfortable. 

 Create an environment conducive to reading. Designate a cozy space, or quiet spot in your home as your reading area. This can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want. Add a few comfy pillows or head out in a reading fort or tent with a basket full of books, bookmarks, snacks, and more. Dedicated reading space is a great way to make reading fun for children. Create a home book collection that spans multiple genres and is easily accessible for your child. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books. 

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Visit the library regularly.  

The library is an experience that immerses children in the world of books. You can read, explore new genres, and choose books that match your interests. And it’s free!  

 Many libraries also host events, festivals, and reading programs that children can participate in. It is a trick of making kids learn reading books. 

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Best reading books 

Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” 

 Loved by everyone’s favourite caterpillar antics, this book has been a worldwide favourite since its first edition in 1969.  

Find Eric Hill’s dog The cute doggy spot is a must-see. 

 Presented with different stories and scenarios, with multiple books to choose from, each one is just as fun as the next. 

 Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?  

By Bill Martin Jr. This book is designed to help child associate colours with pictures. It’s bold, fun, and easy – the winning formula for teaching toddlers to read. 

 The Whale That Wanted More by Rachel Bright 

 Something is missing from Humphrey the Whale’s life, but we don’t know what. Join him on his quest to find this special object and collect underwater treasures along the way… 

 Unicorns appear in Tom Fletcher’s book 

 Teach your toddler to love reading while cheering up this worrying unicorn with a mix of interactive fun and an important message about friendship. Funny bones by Allan and Janet Ahlberg  

First published in 1980, these two skeleton antics of his span the years. Slip the Adventures of Funny bones into story time and make it as fun as ever! 

 Dinosaur Sounds by Sam Taplin 

 Is your child a dinosaur lover? If so, you’ll love this sound book that explores the many species of these prehistoric creatures and comes with 10 buttons waiting for your little finger to press. 


Why is it important to read books 

Reading and writing skills 

 From teaching important vocabulary to introducing new sounds, toddlers can develop important literacy skills by immersing themselves in their favourite books. It is well known that the more you read, the better your literacy. So, if your child wants to be a master of pen and paper too, get a book! 


Remember the first time you found your favourite book? How did it make you feel? What images popped into your head? What did these pictures teach us about the world? Regular reading time lets your imagination run free.


 Every moment between parent and child is precious, including story time. Reading to your toddler takes your baby’s (and you’re) mind to faraway lands and magical worlds, where you two can relax while enjoying her special one-on-one time.  


Reading time is not only a great opportunity to learn how stories are made and told, but it can also help you learn to appreciate the importance of books.  


Teaching young children to read and write is not an easy task, nor is it easy for young children to participate when it comes to concentration, but regular reading time helps shape concentration and builds discipline for later learning. It may help you in adopting one approach. 


Reading and playing with letters and words can help toddlers become lifelong readers, whether they start at an early age or not.  

 Literacy is more than just reading a book of chapters. Building the competencies to get there is maybe 1/2 of the magic of it all. Put your studies aside and enjoy this special time with your child. Try to enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the result. 


1.When should you start reading to your baby?  

 Some people say, “Start while your baby is still in your womb,” but I think 6 months is a good time. Ideally, you should start reading before your baby moves around. Snuggle up and enjoy a few logbooks each day.  

2. When should you stop reading to your child?  

In my personal opinion, children should be read daily (at least) into their teens. As children get older, they often have longer words, paragraphs, and chapters, fewer illustrations, and more complex content. you can enjoy books that are too difficult to read alone. that motivates him to keep reading  

3.Who should read to our children?  

Everything! Parents, grandparents, babysitters, aunts, and uncles would love to read to their children. All adults can add something extra to their reading and storytelling experience. For boys, it is very valuable to have a male role model for reading.  This is great modelling for kids to watch.  

4.What if my child doesn’t sit still for the story?  

Listening is more important than sitting still and listening. Bathe your child, draw a picture or bounce a ball while you read aloud.   

5.My child wants to hear the same story over and over…it’s boring. what should I do?   

Read your child’s favourite story, then motivate them to listen to something else… “Turn off the lights now, you can go to bed, stay up late tonight, and tell this new story.” You can listen! 

6.I have two children aged 6 and 3. Can you read the same story, or does everyone need their own unique story?  

Ideally, I would try to read the story to everyone, but that may only be possible once in a while. 

7.Do Your Best What if there are words or ideas in the book that I reject?

Instead of avoiding the book entirely, use this as an opportunity to explain your objections to your child. Books are a great starting point for open discussions about behaviour, language, and more.   

8.My kids like these puzzle books, but I find them boring. What’s the point of these books?  I’m spying, point 7, can you see what I’m seeing? All books help your child recognize details and introduce new vocabulary. Enjoy these books in moderation.  Some of these fairy tales are horrifying. 

9.Can I read them to my child?  

Yes, witches and potions and monsters are scary things. Let your child guide you.  

10. English is not my native language. I am not good at reading English to children. What should I do?  

 Books on cassettes and CDs help you and your child enjoy books together. Look for these at your local library. Catch up on story time while you’re in the library. 


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