BluePrism vs Automation Anywhere

BluePrism vs Automation Anywhere

BluePrism Vs Automation Anywhere:

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BluePrism Vs Automation Anywhere

Let us start with RPA……

BluePrism Vs Automation Anywhere

Robotic Process Automation is an automation technology that makes it easy to utilize, build and manage software robots that imitate human actions while interacting with software and digital systems.

RPA tools are software applications that help users to configure various tasks to get automated. Most organizations have periodic and repetitive tasks such as data entry, data extraction, report generation, etc. These tasks are manually performed on the software by the employees

RPA tools help to overcome the barriers of deploying automation in products with the absence of APIs. RPA tools and GUI testing tools have strong technical similarities. These tools automate interactions with the GUI by often iterating a set of actions performed by the user. The only difference is that the RPA tools allow data handling in and between multiple applications.

There are several RPA tools available in the market but UiPath [BluePrism Vs Automation Anywhere ], Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere dominate the market.

Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere launched with a community edition that allows the user to explore the tools and automate the tasks and also offers the option of enterprise services. It is one of the best RPA tools that offers users secure, flexible, and scalable features.

Automation Anywhere is the leader in workspace automation which enables organizations to shift their focus onto strategic aspects of operations [Blue Prism Vs Automation Anywhere], improve security and perform more streamlined operations.

It is designed for dealing with complex issues and is meant to be used at the enterprise level. It can blend with different platforms and extend functionality as per the user requirements and therefore it offers much efficient performance.

Blue Prism:

Blue prism was out in 2001 and followed a top-down approach. It is an RPA tool that works on a virtual workforce supported by software robots that can handle automating business processes in a cost-effective. BluePrism is a bit similar to UiPath, as BluePrism also offers a drag and drop feature and is based on C# (C sharp) programming language.

Blue Prism [Blue Prism Vs Automation Anywhere] is considered as unique as they are designed to be the most scalable, secure, controllable, intelligent, and no coding required, so it can be run by business users through a centralized, collaborative, RPA platform.

Employee engagement is defined as survival. In businesses, employees are the faces of any organization. They take care of the businesses by providing support to customers in terms of providing solutions for technical support.

Comparing the main features:


Blue Prism can create and manage business objects in the control center. Basic programming skills are required whereas UiPath is based on the visual design that tool provides a faster implementation. And coming to Automation Anywhere, it is easy to use for freshers and basic developers.

Architecture Type:

There are two types of architecture one is client-server-based architecture and the other is web-based architecture.

Blue Prism Vs Automation Anywhere

Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere is a server-based architecture and UiPath is a web-based architecture.

Programming skills:

UiPath doesn’t require any programming language knowledge. It provides RPA functionalities in a much simpler way than any other RPA tool.

Blue prism needs a basis of programming to manage the business objects and Automation Anywhere does require a little knowledge of coding to use the activities.

Future of RPA:

The future of RPA is bright and infinite as it is leading-edge technology. And the global economic downturn will encourage the adoption of RPA in various industries. Automation is developing new ways forward.

RPA will soon be the new and intelligent way of automation. The functioning of RPA will run simultaneously with the development of automation code. This programming will be more useful and reusable. The usage of centralization and functionality will help to enable companies to reuse code across industries and geographies.

Why Blue Prism is mostly preferred over others?

Blue Prism is much faster to create automation software. It has a built-in task scheduler that lets you schedule the time of the automation, making it possible for even an inexperienced person to create tasks with ease.

The tool is much more convenient for those who always want to have it on hand and be able to update right from where they are without any experience.

It also helps enterprises to automate business operations in an agile and cost-effective manner. The tool is based on Java Programming Language and offers a visual designer with drag and drop functionalities.


The future scope of RPA tools is bright and endless. Presently, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath have a higher market value of approximately $6.8 B and $35B.

As automation is developing ways to blend in the present technological trends, RPA will soon lead the markets and companies will soon learn to implement robots for various business activities and company operations.

Once you combine and standardize the automation set into reusable and repeatable elements, everything will be unified.

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