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Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers: Learn More About Salesforce 100% Free Salesforce Certification Course , ENROLL NOW Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Salesforce is one of the most reliable tools for maintaining your firm’s success throughout the World. What is Salesforce? Salesforce is a cloud-based application for customer service, enterprise resource planning, and more. They work with companies to influence customer interactions, leading to better performance and more productive workflows. There are several ways you can use these tools. First, salesforce interview questions look for Salesforce offerings for your organization’s particular workflows and processes Salesforce is a cloud computing platform with many features and capabilities. Users of the system will be able to manage customer service, create leads and sell products and services remotely. With applications that provide easy switching between tools like marketing, sales, service and logistics, developers across industries are able to meet their customers’ needs with ease. Salesforce…

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